State Behavioral Health Division Experiences Leadership Changes

Oregon’s Behavioral Health System Undergoes Major Restructuring with New Director, Deputy Directors, and Key Leadership Positions

In recent news, the Oregon Health Policy Board heard about significant changes within the state’s behavioral health system. Ebony Clarke, who has been serving as the director of behavioral health for just over a year, announced these changes at a meeting. The Oregon Health Authority had brought in a consulting firm to conduct an organizational assessment, with the goal of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the current structure.

As a result of this restructuring, Clarke will now oversee three deputy directors within the Behavioral Health Division. No employees were terminated as a result of these changes, which officially went into effect on April 1. Additionally, OHA is actively working to fill six key leadership positions, including roles like chief medical officer and chief financial officer, which are currently being filled by interim executives.

Sejal Hathi, the newly appointed director of OHA, expressed that the recruitment process for these leadership roles is a significant undertaking, requiring a great deal of effort. She specifically highlighted the need to fill the position of dental director for the Oregon Health Plan, encouraging any qualified candidates to apply. These changes indicate a period of transition and growth within Oregon’s behavioral health system, as the state works to improve its services and leadership structure.

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