Ohm Energy Supplier Accused of Fraud: “Customers Likely Deceived”

Ohm Faces Legal Prosecution Over Deceptive Business Practices and Controversial Marketing Tactics

In recent news, energy supplier Ohm has been thrust back into the spotlight for its controversial practices. This time, the company is facing questions from the courts, as consumer association CLCV has filed a complaint against them with the Paris public prosecutor. The association accuses Ohm of deception, stating that the company duped customers by promising low prices before significantly increasing them.

The controversy began in 2022 when Ohm implemented a new commercial strategy that involved aggressive marketing tactics in the spring. The supplier offered electricity at prices well below the regulated tariff set by EDF, attracting over 160,000 customers. However, this period of success was short-lived as customers received letters in the summer informing them of a 105% price increase coming in September.

François Carlier, the general delegate of the CLCV, has been vocal in his criticism of Ohm’s practices, accusing them of misleading customers with their pricing promises. With this new allegation of deceptive practices added to their list of controversies, Ohm now faces a court hearing where they will be held accountable for their actions.

It remains to be seen what will come of this case and whether Ohm will face any legal consequences for their actions. However one thing is certain – this latest controversy will only further tarnish their reputation and make it harder for them to attract and retain customers in future.

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