Man dedicated to increasing awareness of mental health issues

Ohio Man’s Journey: Advocating for Mental Health and Encouraging Open Discussions

Ohio man Joe Long is currently on a mission to advocate for more support for individuals struggling with mental health. He has already visited 14 states during his prior walk and is currently in Kentucky. During his journey, he passed through three different states in one day.

Through his non-profit organization, Hall Across the Country, Joe shares his personal story and aims to raise awareness about mental health issues. Having faced personal struggles with mental health, he is deeply connected to the cause he is advocating for. In 2020, after being fired from a management position and being involved in a motorcycle accident shortly after, he experienced a severe mental health crisis. His time in the hospital following the accident marked the first occasion where he contemplated taking his own life, but his mental state did not allow him to follow through.

Joe’s primary goal is to convey to others that they are not alone in their mental health challenges. By engaging in a nationwide walk, he hopes to shed light on mental health issues and prevent suicide by fostering greater awareness and open conversations about these critical topics. Through his efforts, Joe hopes to make a positive impact on the lives of those struggling with mental health and promote a more supportive society for all individuals.

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