rewrite this title Developing AI Shouldn’t Cost $7 Trillion, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Says

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Predicts Lower AI Development Costs with Advancements in Computing Technology

Jensen Huang, Chief Executive Officer of Nvidia Corp, believes that the future of artificial intelligence (AI) development will be significantly impacted by advancements in computing technology. He expects the cost of AI development to be well below the $7 trillion predicted by Sam Altman, as technology progresses and parts necessary for AI development become “faster and faster and faster.” Speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai on Monday, Huang emphasized the importance of not just buying more computers but also focusing on making them faster.

Huang is confident in the chip industry’s ability to drive down the cost of AI development as he leads a company that produces highly sought-after AI accelerators. As CEO, he has a unique perspective on the future of AI development and his optimism carries weight in the industry. Huang envisions a future where the cost of AI development is substantially lower than current projections, driven by faster and more efficient computing capabilities. His optimism stems from his belief that advancements in computing technology will have a significant impact on the cost of developing artificial intelligence.

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