Don’t underestimate the positive influence of Northview in the community and beyond

Northview Church: A Place of Hope and Community Outreach Despite Negative Publicity

Carmel resident Shane Kelly has been a member of Northview Church for the past 15 years and is grateful for the positive impact it has had on his life. When he first attended the church as a single individual, Northview welcomed him with open arms and he is now a married father of three with kids who have attended preschool at Northview.

Despite recent negative publicity surrounding the church, Kelly believes it’s important to recognize the positive impact Northview has had on their local community and beyond over the past four decades. He shares that his family has countless personal stories of how Northview has provided them with opportunities for making lifelong friendships, serving together at events, and participating in worship services.

Kelly is inspired to write this letter because he believes that Northview continues to be a place of hope, relationships, and community outreach. The church is involved in various service projects such as GO Trips, Dollar Club, prison ministry, and global partnerships with organizations like World Vision and Filter of Hope. He admires the selfless service and dedication of individuals within the church which sets Northview apart from other local organizations.

Kelly hopes that his note will offer a different perspective to those who may have negative views of the church, especially in light of recent publications. In his opinion, Northview Church remains a place where individuals can find hope, build relationships, and make a positive impact on the world.

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