9 NFL teams, including the Packers, set to play regular season games outside U.S. for the first time

NFL Goes International in 2024: A Busy Schedule with Games in London, Germany and South America

In 2024, the NFL will have a busy international schedule with games set to take place in London, Germany, and South America. The Eagles and Packers will kick off the international games in São Paulo, Brazil on September 6th. The league has announced that a total of five games will be played outside the U.S. this season, starting in Week 1 and ending in Week 10.

The NFL had previously announced that games would be played in London, Munich, and São Paulo with the Jaguars, Panthers, and Vikings participating in the Europe games. Now that the full schedule has been released, we know that the Packers will face the Eagles in São Paulo on opening weekend, marking the first regular season NFL game to be played in South America.

The 2024 NFL international schedule includes five games: Week 1 in São Paulo with the Packers vs Eagles; Week 5 in London with the Jets taking on the Vikings; Week 6 in London with the Jaguars playing against Bears; Week 7 in London with Patriots vs Jaguars; and Week 10 in Munich with Giants battling Panthers. This is the 17th consecutive year that the NFL has played games in London and third straight year it’s happening Germany. The Green Bay Packers will make their international regular season debut in São Paulo as they have not played any regular-season games outside of North America before this one which were only preseason games

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