Record Number of New Zealanders Leave Country Due to Economic Struggles

New Zealand’s Slowing Economy Sparks Unprecedented Exodus of Citizens to Seek Job Opportunities Abroad

As the New Zealand economy slows down, a growing number of citizens are leaving the country in search of better job opportunities. In the year through March, Statistics New Zealand reported that 78,200 citizens departed, up from 74,900 the previous year. Net departures reached a record 52,500, surpassing 50,000 for the first time.

The slow economy has been characterized by high interest rates impacting consumer spending and business confidence. This has led to a decline in hiring intentions, causing more New Zealanders to seek job opportunities abroad. Australian health authorities and police are offering attractive pay and employment packages to lure staff from New Zealand.

Despite the surge in emigrants leaving the country, there has also been an increase in foreign migrants coming to New Zealand. Net immigration peaked at over 139,000 in the year through October but is now slowing down. The population growth has raised concerns about the demand for housing and rental accommodation contributing to inflation. The government has labeled the situation as “unsustainable” due to its strain on infrastructure like education and health services.

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