New Voting Security Technology Piloted in Weld County

New Security Measure Implemented in Weld County Election 2023 with GHOSTmark Technology

The 2023 election in Weld County saw the implementation of a new security measure for the first time. This added security feature was part of a pilot program in the county, which has 222,064 active registered voters. The use of GHOSTmark technology on the paper stock for ballots was a first for Weld County in the last election. This technology included high resolution images that are only visible under special equipment.

The unique security features were announced by the county to protect the integrity of the election process. The implementation of this technology added an extra layer of security to ensure that only eligible voters could cast their ballots and that their votes would be counted accurately. The GHOSTmark technology is just one example of how counties are working to improve voting security and protect against voter fraud.

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