Could mobile apps serve as a defense against street harassment?

New Safety Apps Empower Women During Paris Games

During the Paris Games, women may experience stress in poorly lit streets, empty subway cars, or crowded areas filled with excited fans. To address this concern, several apps are being developed to help women feel safer and to facilitate police intervention. One such app is The Sorority, created in 2020 exclusively for women, which allows users to alert the 50 closest people with their GPS position in case of danger. Other women in the area receive notifications and can respond by providing assistance or contacting the police if necessary.

These apps provide a sense of security and support for women like Maja and Emma, who have faced dangerous situations. The Sorority, with 90,000 verified users, has recently partnered with law enforcement to improve response times and assist users in distress. Similarly, Come, another app, has compiled a list of “safe places” where individuals can seek refuge if they feel threatened. This collaboration with law enforcement and the establishment of safe spaces aims to ensure the safety and well-being of users, particularly during events like the Olympic Games.

Experts like sociologist Williams Nuytens emphasize the potential for increased inappropriate behavior during large events like the Olympics, which can be exacerbated by factors such as alcohol consumption. Recognizing the prevalence of sexual assaults against women

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