Akron Children’s expands pediatric behavioral health services to Mansfield, OH

New Resource for Adolescents and Teens with Behavioral Health Challenges: Akron Children’s Intensive Outpatient Program for Richland County Residents

Betty Lin-Fisher from the Akron Beacon Journal and Dr. Max Wiznitzer of the University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital have discussed the topic of Adult ADHD in Richland and neighboring counties. Families now have a new resource for adolescents and teenagers handling depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health challenges through Akron Children’s intensive outpatient program.

The program aims to keep young people within the community, out of psychiatric inpatient treatment, and/or transition them from inpatient care back to their homes. The program is designed to help children and teens between the ages of 12 to 18 improve their functioning, stabilize their mental status, and develop healthy coping skills that will last into adulthood. It includes individual, group, and family therapy and the average length of stay is 5 to 10 days with five days a week attendance.

Participants are taught skills to help them change problem behavior, improve relationships, and cope with stressful situations. The program uses dialectical behavioral therapy, an evidence-based psychotherapy to treat mood disorders and affect behavioral patterns. The intensive outpatient program for children and teens also offers a period during the day for participants to work on their schoolwork. These pediatric-focused behavioral health programs aim to provide highly specialized care to the community.

Individuals interested in learning more can contact the Akron Children’s Western Region at 330-543-5015.

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