The Institutes and Target Markets Collaborate on New Business Professional Designation Program

New “Program Business Professional” Designation Launched by TMPAA, The Institutes Knowledge Group

In May, the Target Markets Program Administrators Association (TMPAA) and The Institutes Knowledge Group will launch a new credential for program insurance professionals known as the Program Business Professional (PBP) designation. This designation will replace the TMPAA’s current Certified Programs Leader (CPL) designation and is scheduled to be unveiled during the TMPAA Mid-Year Meeting on May 14.

The collaboration between TMPAA and The Institutes began in 2023, with the PBP designation program integrating program business-specific content and educational courses from The Institutes’ CPCU designation program. This unique blend of courses enables professionals looking to advance their careers in program business to earn credit towards additional Institutes Designations.

The PBP program will comprise of four courses and exams, along with an ethics requirement. Participants in the PBP courses will also be eligible to receive Continuing Education (CE) credits. Gene Abbey, Director of Insurance Education and Services at TMPAA, emphasized that the introduction of the PBP designation reflects their commitment to offering a top-notch educational platform tailored to the dynamic program business landscape.

Greg Thompson, a long-time TMPAA Advisory Board Member and program consultant, highlighted that the creation of the current Certified Programs Leader (CPL) educational product by Target University dates back 12 years. Thompson acknowledged the benefits that the CPL designation and courses have provided to the 200 individuals who participated in them. However, he expressed confidence that The Institutes’ collaboration will offer even more value.

Adam Carmichael, CPCU, President of The Institutes Knowledge Group, reinforced their dedication to providing the knowledge and skills necessary for success in program business through the joint development and launch of the Program Business Professional designation with TMPAA. The unveiling of

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