Fox Sports and AEG team up to host a competitive postseason basketball tournament to rival the NIT

New Postseason Tournament Challenges March Madness: The Rise of The College Basketball Crown

A new postseason college basketball tournament called The College Basketball Crown is set to launch in 2025, offering an exciting alternative to the NCAA tournament and NIT. With support from major conferences, Fox Sports, and AEG, the tournament aims to provide a high-quality postseason opportunity for coaches, players, and schools involved.

Taking place over a week in Las Vegas next April, The College Basketball Crown will feature two automatic qualifiers from the Big Ten, Big 12, and Big East conferences that didn’t earn NCAA bids, along with 10 at-large teams chosen by a committee. All games will be broadcast on Fox or FS1, providing a national platform for the tournament.

Big East Commissioner Val Ackerman expressed excitement about the new tournament, seeing it as an innovative addition to the college basketball landscape. With significant backing from event partners and sponsors like Fox Sports and AEG, The College Basketball Crown aims to provide a top-notch postseason experience for all involved.

As The College Basketball Crown emerges on the scene, questions arise about the future of other March Madness alternatives like the NIT. Some experts predict that with new tournaments entering the scene like this one with major backing from event partners and sponsors like Fox Sports and AEG could jeopardize the viability of other postseason tournaments like NIT. However only time will tell how these two tournaments will play out in terms of competition and popularity among fans.

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