Pennsylvania Department of Health introduces new tool to identify locations with high tick prevalence

New Online Tickborne Disease Dashboard Launched in Pennsylvania: Stay Informed and Protect Yourself

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has launched an online dashboard to provide residents and healthcare providers with valuable information about tickborne diseases. This tool not only identifies areas with high tick populations but also displays the most recent state data on tickborne disease activity. If you’re in a wooded area with tall grass or lots of leaves, you’re at a higher risk of encountering ticks.

Pennsylvania currently ranks ninth in the country for Lyme disease, which is the most commonly reported tickborne illness. To minimize your exposure to ticks, it’s essential to conduct a thorough check on your body after spending time outdoors. You can access more information on the dashboard by visiting the provided link. For breaking news updates, download the free WPXI News app and follow Channel 11 News on Facebook and Twitter. Stay informed about tickborne diseases and take precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones from potential exposure to ticks.

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