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New Journalist Joins Proactive: Emily Jarvie Brings Expertise in Politics and Business Reporting to Financial News Publisher

Emily Jarvie, a seasoned journalist with a background in politics and business reporting, joined Proactive in 2022. Prior to her work at Proactive, Emily had honed her skills as a political journalist in Hobart, Tasmania, before shifting her focus to emerging psychedelics developments in Toronto, Canada. Her work has been featured in numerous publications across Australia, Europe, and North America.

Proactive is a global publisher of financial news and online broadcasts that provides fast-paced, informative content to investors worldwide. With experienced teams of news journalists located in key finance and investing hubs such as London, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Sydney, and Perth, Proactive covers medium and small-cap markets as well as blue-chip companies and broader investment stories. The Proactive team delivers unique insights across various sectors including biotech and pharma, mining and natural resources, battery metals, oil and gas, crypto, emerging digital technologies and EV technologies.

Proactive’s approach to journalism involves leveraging technology to enhance workflows while maintaining the highest standards of quality control. The company uses automation software tools like generative AI to optimize content production processes but ensures that all content published by them is edited and authored by humans to maintain best practices in content production and search engine optimization. Emily’s experience will help Proactive continue its mission of delivering exciting and engaging content for motivated private investors globally.

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