Abbe Pierre Foundation criticizes appointment of Guillaume Kasbarian to Housing as “disastrous signal”

New Housing Minister Appointed: Guillaume Kasbarian, Champion of Anti-Squatting Laws Amidst Increased Indignation

Guillaume Kasbarian, a Renaissance MP re-elected in 2022, has been appointed as the fifth minister delegate in charge of Housing under the aegis of the Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion Christophe Béchu. This appointment marks more than seven years of Macron’s mandate.

Kasbarian is well-known for his work on the so-called “anti-squat” law which toughens sanctions against squatters and accelerates eviction procedures in the event of unpaid rent. The adoption of this text last summer was painful and aroused the indignation of associations defending tenants and against poor housing (Abbé Pierre Foundation, Right to Housing).

As head of the Economic Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, Kasbarian embodies the shift to the right of the Attal government. His appointment is likely seen as a sign that Macron’s government is taking a tougher stance on housing issues.

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