Abstract Guidelines for 2024 Global Health Week at MUSC

New Guidelines Unveiled for Submitting Abstracts to MUSC Global Health Week Poster Session: Connecting Work to Global Health Outcomes

The guidelines for submitting abstracts to the MUSC Global Health Week poster session have been established. Abstracts are invited in all areas of global health and must be written in a narrative form, with a maximum word count of 300 words (excluding the abstract title). The submitting author is required to attend the event and present the poster, and must obtain approval from any co-authors prior to submitting the abstract.

To ensure acceptance, authors must clearly establish the link between their work and outcomes related to global health. A committee will evaluate submissions based on originality, presentation, relevance, quality, and clarity. The committee will recommend which submissions should be included in the poster session, and authors will be notified by March 29.

Detailed instructions on poster preparation will be sent along with the acceptance notice. In order to adhere to the guidelines and connect their work to global health outcomes, authors should ensure that their abstracts meet these criteria. The evaluation process will consider multiple factors before determining which submissions will be included in the poster session. Authors will receive notification of their acceptance status by a specific date.

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