Meet Alexander Stubb: Finland’s New President and Former Prime Minister

New Finnish President Promises to Strengthen NATO Security and Advocate for International Rules

Alexander Stubb has been elected as Finland’s new president, defeating his independent opponent, Pekka Haavisto. Stubb had been away from Finnish politics for seven years, having previously served as the director of the European University Institute in Florence. He received 51.7% of the vote in the run-off when 98.3% of the votes were counted.

Prior to his time abroad, Stubb had a distinguished career in European politics, serving as an MEP and Foreign Minister before becoming Premier and later Finance Minister in a center government. His return to Finnish politics was motivated by his country’s membership in NATO, which he has always supported.

In announcing his candidacy, Stubb stated that one of the most important tasks of the next presidential mandate would be to work on an international system based on rules. He is also a sportsman and father of two children with a British lawyer wife. According to him, Finland must “go to the heart of NATO” and produce security rather than just consuming it.

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