Neuralink Moves from Delaware to Nevada, Musk Criticizes Pay Ruling

Neuralink Moves to Nevada to Escape Legal Frustrations, Elon Musk Sheds Light on Future of Company’s Incorporation and Impact on Revolutionizing Interaction with Computers.

Elon Musk has recently moved his company Neuralink from Delaware to Nevada due to legal frustrations. He had previously expressed his disapproval with incorporating the company in the state of Delaware on social media, citing several legal setbacks he faced there. After completing the move on Thursday, Neuralink announced the decision in a notice sent to shareholders, according to Bloomberg.

Musk’s move comes after a $55 billion pay package for him was struck down following the voiding of a deal. In response, Musk sought to move his company’s incorporation to Texas. However, after a poll on social media showed that the public vote decisively favored moving it out of Delaware, Musk chose Nevada instead. It is important to note that Delaware is known as the US’s incorporation capital, housing over 1.3 million entities and more than 60% of the nation’s Fortune 500 companies incorporated there.

In addition to moving Neuralink, Musk has also signaled his intention to reincorporate Tesla and move it out of Delaware as well. According to Getty Images, Neuralink completed its first human brain implant in January and its initial goal is to allow humans to control a computer keyboard or cursor with their thoughts. The company hopes that this technology will revolutionize how we interact with computers and improve our daily lives.

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