NSC Receives $3 Million Grant to Improve Workplace Safety Technology in Partnership with Occupational Health & Safety

National Safety Council Secures $3 Million Grant to Promote Workplace Safety through Technology: A Step Towards Zero Workplace Fatalities by 2050

The National Safety Council (NSC) has recently secured a $3 million grant from the McElhattan Foundation. The grant will support the NSC’s Work to Zero initiative, which focuses on educating employers about technological safety enhancements. This additional funding will help advance the program’s efforts to promote workplace safety through the use of innovative technologies.

In previous years, the Work to Zero program launched the Safety Innovation Journey, released educational materials, and hosted webinars on safety technologies like drones, fatigue monitoring wearables, proximity sensors, VR/AR, and geofencing technology. The grant received in 2021 has enabled the NSC to make significant strides in promoting the benefits of safety technology and assisting employers in implementing solutions to save lives.

The McElhattan Foundation has been a long-time supporter of the NSC’s mission to reduce workplace fatalities to zero by 2050 through the use of advanced safety technologies. K.E. McElhattan and his son Kent McElhattan established the foundation in 1994 with a strong commitment to supporting workplace safety initiatives. In recognition of their contributions to workplace safety, Kent McElhattan was awarded the Flame of Life award in 2021 by the NSC.

Lorraine Martin, President and CEO of NSC expressed her gratitude for the continued support from McElhattan Foundation for their Work to Zero initiative. She stated that this grant plays a crucial role in helping them achieve their goal of reducing workplace fatalities to zero by 2050 through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies. The organization’s efforts are aimed at improving safety standards to protect workers and prevent workplace accidents and injuries.

Overall, this grant will enable NSC to continue its work towards promoting safer workplaces and reducing workplace fatalities while also recognizing and rewarding those who contribute greatly towards this cause.

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