Malik Nabers to Visit Cardinals on Tuesday and Chargers on Wednesday

Nabers Takes Center Stage: Top Receiver Set to Visit Cardinals, Chargers in Bid for Top-10 Draft Selection

NFL receiver Malik Nabers is looking forward to a busy week ahead as he prepares for several pre-draft visits out West. According to Cameron Wolfe of NFL Media, Nabers has scheduled visits with the Cardinals on Tuesday and the Chargers on Wednesday. Both teams hold top picks in this month’s draft, with the Cardinals holding the No. 4 overall selection and the Chargers holding the No. 5 overall pick. There is speculation that both teams could be potential trade partners to move further down into the first round.

In addition to his visits with the Cardinals and Chargers, Nabers has reportedly met with several other teams including the Patriots, Titans, Jets, and Jaguars. Despite not participating in drills at the scouting combine, Nabers did showcase his skills during his Pro Day at LSU last week.

Nabers is widely regarded as one of the top receivers in this year’s draft class and is expected to be a top-10 pick. There is speculation that he could be among the first receivers selected in the draft alongside former Ohio State receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. This is an exciting time for Nabers as he navigates the pre-draft process and seeks to find his new NFL home.

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