Ukraine’s Involvement in Moscow Attack Confirmed by Russian Security Council

Moscow Concert Hall Terror Attack: Who’s Behind It and Why are Russia and Ukraine Blaming Each Other?

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev made a controversial claim on Tuesday that Ukraine was responsible for the recent terrorist attack on a concert hall in Moscow. The attack, which took place on Friday, resulted in the deaths of approximately 140 people. When asked by the media whether Ukraine or Islamic State was behind the attack, Patrushev unequivocally stated that it was Ukraine.

Despite providing no further information or evidence to support his claim, Patrushev’s statement contradicted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s assertion less than 24 hours earlier that the attack was carried out by “radical Islamists.” Putin also suggested a possible link to Ukraine, stating, “We’re interested in knowing who the customer is.”

The concert hall, located outside of Moscow, was the site of a terrorist attack carried out by four armed individuals on Friday. At least 139 people were killed in the attack. The latest reports confirmed that eleven individuals had been arrested in connection with the tragedy. The situation remains tense as conflicting theories and accusations continue to swirl around the event.

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