Annual Newberg Health Fair hosted by Mon Health Preston Memorial Hospital

Mon Health Preston Memorial Hospital Hosts Annual Health Fair in Newberg, Offering Free Screenings and Education to the Community

Mon Health Preston Memorial Hospital held its annual health fair in Newberg, West Virginia, offering free and low-cost health screenings and education to the community. Since 2003, this event has been a part of the hospital’s community outreach programs and is co-hosted by the Newberg Rotary Club. A portion of the proceeds from the health fair goes towards supporting the Newberg Rotary Club and their projects throughout the year.

The health fair attracted staff from Mon Health Preston Memorial Hospital’s Laboratory, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Trauma, and Primary Care – Fellowsville, as well as the Newberg Rotary Club, Newberg Senior Center, and ten other healthcare and community agencies. These organizations provided a wide range of services to participants, including low-cost blood screenings, free vision screenings, and free blood pressure screenings. Educational resources on various health topics such as organ donation, stroke and heart attack symptoms, substance use prevention, and respiratory care were also available.

Melissa Lockwood, Chief Administrative Officer of Mon Health Preston Memorial Hospital stated that hosting health fairs like these is an essential part of fulfilling their mission to improve the health of the communities they serve. She emphasized the importance of partnering with local organizations to educate and expand access to healthcare in rural areas.

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