In 2022, the institution also named its inaugural Health-related Director of Sustainability: Shira Abeles, MD.

“It’s essential for us to have an understanding of that our connection with the atmosphere has a direct influence on our well being,” stated Abeles. “And even though climate alter is a culprit in driving illness in just about every aspect of our well being, from emergence of new infectious ailments to asthma, premature births, and beyond, if we optimize our well being care practices, we will assistance curb these impacts and stop illness from occurring in the initial spot.”

Abeles joins a group of passionate well being care providers created up of physicians, pharmacists and nurses at UC San Diego Well being who regularly advocate and recognize new methods to practice medicine that sustain a higher level of patient care and is also environmentally sound. 

Providers represent solutions across UC San Diego Well being, such as anesthesiology, allergy/immunology, loved ones medicine, hospital medicine, infection prevention, nephrology, ophthalmology, radiology, urology and much more. 

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