Securing the mental, physical, psychological, and social nicely-becoming of kids has grow to be one particular of the greatest challenges for parents in the face of advancing technologies. As historian Christian Lous Lange when stated, “Technology is a beneficial servant but a hazardous master,” implying that when technologies plays an indispensable part, it also has substantial effects on kids. 

Undoubtedly, technologies has each benefits and drawbacks, and its advantages can only be realized when made use of wisely, otherwise, its consequences can be detrimental. As the saying goes, “Excess of every little thing is terrible.” Investigation shows that on typical, eight- to ten-year-olds devote nearly eight hours a day with several types of media, when older kids and teenagers devote about 11 hours a day with media, surpassing the time they devote in college. This study indicates that a majority of adolescents are working with technologies unwisely, top to falling grades. This suggests an inverse connection involving technologies and education. Fully eliminating technologies from our lives is not possible, but the severity of this problem can be mitigated by implementing the following recommendations. 

Firstly, limiting the quantity of time kids devote on technologies and restricting access to particular apps. Educating kids about the pros and cons of technologies and clearly informing them that unwise use of technologies can negatively effect their future careers. Broadcasting weekly applications that highlight how technologies can be made use of effectively to maximize its advantages.


Shaheeed Benazirabad.

By Editor

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