March 25, 2024 – Oklahoma Sooners to face off against Indiana Hoosiers

Miraculous Comeback: Oklahoma’s Fourth-Quarter Surge Leads Indiana in NBA Game

Oklahoma was able to take the lead against Indiana in the fourth quarter, with just 3:13 left to play. This came after trailing since 5:18. However, Indiana was able to tie the score at 48 in the same quarter at 9:25, after trailing since 6:50 in the third quarter.

In the third quarter with 7:04 left to play, Oklahoma managed to tie the score at 32 after trailing since 9:20 in the quarter. Meanwhile, in the second quarter with just 48 seconds left, Indiana took the lead at 29-28 after trailing since 9:35. Lastly, in the first quarter with just over a minute remaining, Indiana tied the score at 19 after trailing since 4:37. Both teams were doing a good job of holding onto

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