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60 Years of Barton Wellness

60 years ago, the community’s dream of a neighborhood, Tahoe-primarily based hospital became reality. Barton Wellness has assembled a collection of articles to commemorate 60 years of high quality and compassionate overall health care for our neighborhood and its guests. Starting with the 1950s, an write-up outlining the events of every single decade will be published month-to-month, culminating with the 2020s on Barton’s official 60th anniversary in November. Adhere to along this historical journey every single month and study extra at

This year Barton Wellness celebrates its 60 year history — Barton Memorial Hospital officially opened on November 23, 1963 — which started with a culmination of neighborhood efforts to raise funds for and construct a neighborhood healthcare facility, making certain nearby and timely access to health-related care.

And this week, through Volunteer Appreciation Week, I’d like to spotlight a group of volunteers who journeyed alongside the overall health technique from its conception by means of now. The Barton Auxiliary, initially recognized as The Women’s Auxiliary, in addition to volunteers with the Barton Wellness Foundation, Barton’s Skilled Nursing Facility, Residence Wellness &amp Hospice applications, amongst other folks have contributed their abilities and time to additional our community’s overall health more than the previous sixty years. And when individuals come collectively for the advantage of other folks, we can move mountains.

Although in this case, The Barton Auxiliary’s objective was to hold individuals from possessing to cross mountains to access required overall health care and enable finish the fundraising efforts to construct what is now recognized as Barton Memorial Hospital.

In the middle of final century, as the population of complete-time residents of Lake Tahoe grew, a will need for neighborhood, accessible overall health care was identified. Residents experiencing sudden illness or injury had to travel hours more than rough mountain roads to hospitals in the neighboring valleys. In 1959, Carson Hospital recorded 1,500 emergency area visits from South Lake Tahoe — accounting for practically one particular-third of their volume.

When the will need for a neighborhood hospital was apparent, it was an high priced undertaking and to be eligible for federal and state funding, neighborhood fund-raising would will need to make up at least one particular-third of the total. Estimates place the hospital price at extra than $1 million, establishing the community’s fundraising objective at $422,011. And the deadline was just 4 months away.

Fay Ledbetter and Alva Barton, daughters of neighborhood ranchers William and Ouida Barton, officially launched the fundraising work with their six-acre land donation, the future household of Barton Memorial Hospital, valued at $200,000.

Barton auxiliary volunteers in 1987.

To raise the remaining funds, fundraising teams focused on distinct places such as specific gifts, workers, absentee property owners, public schools, organizations, and clubs / organizations, with residential oversight landing with The Barton Auxiliary.

Auxiliary fundraising efforts integrated the Winter Wonderland Style Show and Luncheon, the Headdress Ball, Christmas Tree Festival, bake sales, auctions, and plays. The Auxiliary’s “Flying Squadron” picked up and dropped off pledge cards and donations from residents, producing it less difficult for neighborhood members to contribute to the campaign.

A week ahead of the deadline, the fundraising objective was met, making certain federal funding and building of the longed-for hospital could commence. And just more than a year and a half later, Barton Memorial Hospital opened its doors and has been offering timely and higher-high quality overall health care to Lake Tahoe’s residents and guests ever due to the fact.

Importantly, the volunteer efforts that started through the overall health system’s initial conception, are nevertheless prominent and productive now. In current years, the Barton Auxiliary has supplied scholarships for neighborhood students pursuing health-related fields, funded state-of-the-art health-related technologies upgrades, and supported neighborhood overall health applications like the wellness labs and blood drives.

Larry Coffman is the Barton Auxiliary President. Due to the fact 1960, Barton Auxiliary volunteers have supported the overall health technique and neighborhood by means of a assortment of fundraising and philanthropic efforts. Understand extra about the Barton Auxiliary or how to develop into a member at

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