The Planet Crafter offers open-world survival with co-op mode and a 1.0 release coming this year

Miju Games Updates: The Planet Crafter 1.0 Release and Cooperative Multiplayer Mode Coming Soon

Miju Games, the developer of the survival crafting game The Planet Crafter, has announced some exciting developments for the game. They have revealed that the 1.0 release of the Early Access game will come this year, and they are also working on a cooperative multiplayer mode that will be released this year as well. According to Miju Games, adding a multiplayer mode has always been a priority because they believe exploring and terraforming a planet would be more enjoyable with friends.

The Planet Crafter has been in Early Access development since March of 2022 and has made significant progress since then. It has received a 96% positive player reviews on Steam, indicating that players have been enjoying the game. In The Planet Crafter, players take on the role of a solo space explorer who is sent to a barren and hostile world with the goal of turning it into a habitable environment for human life. The focus is on survival and eventually transforming the atmosphere to sustain life.

In addition to the full release and co-op update, Miju Games has also announced that mammalian life will be introduced in 2024. They have also teased new portal generators that will allow players to explore procedurally generated planetary wilderness and discover spaceship wrecks with valuable loot. The game has been described as having an appealing Subnautica vibe with a chunky sci-fi look to the base modules and machines, and it is a non-violent game, unlike many other survival games.

The Planet Crafter is available on Steam for those who are interested in trying it out. With the upcoming 1.0 release and the addition of a cooperative multiplayer mode, as well as future updates introducing new features, it looks like The Planet Crafter has a lot to offer to fans of survival crafting games.

Miju Games believes that adding multiplayer functionality will make exploring and terraforming planets even more enjoyable for players of The Planet Crafter.

With its unique blend of survival mechanics and sci-fi aesthetics, The Planet Crafter offers an engaging experience for gamers who enjoy creating their own worlds from scratch.

Aside from its upcoming full release and co-op update, Miju Games also plans to introduce mammalian life in 2024.

In addition to these exciting developments, Miju Games has also shared teasers about new portal generators that will allow players to explore procedurally generated planetary wildernesses.

Overall, The Planet Crafter offers an immersive experience for gamers who love building their own worlds while battling against harsh environments.

If you’re interested in trying out this unique title or learning more about its upcoming developments

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