Microsoft is testing a feature in Notepad with Copilot AI to explain document content

Microsoft Introduces ‘Explain with Copilot’ Feature in Notepad and Enhances Snipping Tool with Customizable Shapes

Microsoft has recently introduced the new “Explain with Copilot” feature in its Notepad application, which utilizes AI assistants to provide detailed explanations on selected text, log files, or even code segments. This feature is aimed at improving user understanding and accessibility in response to growing demand.

To use this feature, users can simply highlight any part of the text and click the right mouse button, then select “Explain with Copilot” from the drop-down menu options or press “Ctrl + E” keys. A detailed explanation of the selected topic will appear, powered by Copilot AI. It’s worth noting that this feature may not be accessible to all users currently due to a known issue.

Microsoft has also released an update to its Snipping Tool (version 11.2401.32.0), which now allows users to add shapes to screenshots. Users can now add rectangles, ovals, lines, and arrows to their screenshots by selecting one of these new shapes in the toolbar and dragging across the image. Additionally, users can customize the fill and outline color of the added shapes for greater control over their captured images. This updated feature is designed to enhance the versatility and ease of use of the Snipping Tool.

The release of these updates demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to improving its technology and software, providing a more seamless user experience while advancing the capabilities of its AI technology. These updates are currently available in the Canary and Dev channels for Windows Insiders, showcasing Microsoft’s dedication to gathering feedback and driving innovation.

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