Loan repayment program for behavioral health professionals will be offered by MDHHS

Michigan Launches New Behavioral Health Student Loan Repayment Program to Address Shortage of Professionals

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is launching a new behavioral health student loan repayment program to address the shortage of professionals in the field. The program will be available online from April 29 to May 24, offering assistance to individuals with student loan debt who are working in behavioral health services.

According to MDHHS staff, the goal of the program is to encourage more young professionals to enter the field of behavioral health by alleviating the burden of student loan debt. Amber Myers, Section Manager at MDHHS, stated that the program aims to address the need for behavioral health services in rural areas, where access to care can be limited.

In previous rounds of grants, MDHHS observed positive results in rural areas and provided funding to providers practicing in these underserved regions. The program has already supported four percent of providers working in rural areas, with a total of $1.86 million allocated for their loan repayment.

The MDHHS’s commitment to expanding access to mental health services and supporting professionals in the field is reflected in this initiative. Individuals interested in learning more about the behavioral health student loan repayment program can find additional information and access online resources by clicking on the link provided in this story.

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