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Lt. Col. Andrew Hall: A Surgeon on a Mission to Save Lives in Combat Situations through Efficient Blood Supply

Lt. Col. Andrew Hall (MBA ’24) is a surgeon in the United States Air Force and understands the critical importance of blood in treating combat casualties. During his work with the United States Central Command (USCENTCOM), he sought ways to enhance military missions by ensuring an adequate blood supply to save the lives of injured service members.

In his role, Lt. Col. Hall recognizes the challenges associated with supplying blood in combat situations, such as limited shelf life, transportation and storage requirements, and safety regulations. Despite these obstacles, his objective was clear – to find a solution that would provide the necessary quantity of blood to meet the demands of care needed in the field.

Lt. Col. Hall emphasized the significance of efficiently supplying and utilizing blood as a valuable resource in treating combat injuries. His dedication to improving blood supply processes demonstrates his commitment to supporting and protecting U.S. service members in challenging military environments. Through his efforts, Lt. Col. Hall has made a significant impact on the care provided to wounded soldiers on the battlefield.

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