LG introduces Primefocus Health platform to enable healthcare providers in delivering home healthcare services

LG NOVA Launches Revolutionary Healthcare Delivery Platform to Revolutionize Patient Care at Home

LG NOVA and the LG Electronics North America Innovation Center have recently launched Primefocus Health, a new healthcare delivery platform aimed at revolutionizing patient care at home. This platform will use advanced technologies and therapies to enable remote patient monitoring and provide patients with access to new treatments through technology applications.

CEO Darren Sabo expressed the company’s commitment to providing personalized, accessible, and effective care, leveraging its trusted reputation with consumers worldwide. Atul Singh, general manager of digital health at LG NOVA, explained how the company aims to utilize consumer electronics to improve health outcomes by offering care services through appliances and devices that patients are already familiar with.

The launch of Primefocus Health marks the first platform introduced by LG Electronics North America Innovation Center and LG NOVA. The platform will integrate with electronic health record systems and utilize AI and machine learning capabilities to collect patient data, communicate with patients, monitor progress, and intervene when necessary. By providing a seamless transition for patients from hospital care to home care, LG hopes to extend its presence in home healthcare and improve health outcomes for patients around the world.

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