Registration for the Discounted Apartment lottery extended by the Ministry of Construction

Last-Minute Extension for the Discounted Apartment Lottery in Israel: One Week Left to Sign Up for Your Dream Home!

The Ministry of Construction has announced an extension to the registration period for the next lottery drawing, “Discounted Apartment” (“Dira ba-anaha”), until February 13. This news provides people with an extra week to sign up and purchase one of the nearly 7,000 subsidized apartments in 16 localities across Israel.

The lottery began on December 26 and has already seen about 100 thousand people sign up. A total of 72 projects with 6,816 apartments are being awarded nationwide.

The apartments are distributed as follows: 2 projects with 114 apartments in Eilat, 9 projects with 931 apartments in Elad, and so on. In Ashkelon, there are 11 projects with a total of 546 apartments. In Beit Dagan, there is just one project with only 63 apartments. Bnei Aisha has six projects with a total of 556 apartments, while Jerusalem has one project for a total of only 46 apartments. Finally, Modiin has three projects with a total of 187 apartments.

Those interested in participating in the lottery now have until February 13 to sign up and take advantage of this opportunity to purchase a discounted apartment in their desired location.

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