Jordan sees fourth consecutive day of anti-Israeli marches with majority of participants being teenagers and students

Jordan Protests Against Israel: A Battle of Ideals and Demands

Since the last week, demonstrations against Israel have been held near the Israeli Embassy in Amman, Jordan. Each night, protesters have attempted to approach the embassy but have been pushed back by police and gendarmerie, leading to several arrests. Despite the ongoing protests, the number of participants has decreased, with mostly teenagers and students attending.

The protesters are calling on the Jordanian government to take concrete actions against what they see as Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. Their demands include revoking all agreements with Israel, such as the peace treaty (Wadi Arba agreement) and gas agreement. Additionally, they are asking for a stop to land delivery of goods from Persian Gulf countries through Jordan and a ban on vegetable exports.

These protests reflect growing tension and discontent among certain segments of the Jordanian population regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The government must carefully consider these demands while working towards finding a resolution that satisfies both protesters and maintains peace and stability in the region.

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