Jack Dorsey sported a Satoshi T-shirt with a Nirvana-style logo at the Super Bowl.

Jack Dorsey’s “Satoshi” T-Shirt at the Super Bowl: A Bold Statement of Belief in Bitcoin

Jack Dorsey’s choice to wear a “Satoshi” T-shirt at the Super Bowl made waves, as it was a nod to the mysterious figure known as the inventor of bitcoin. The T-shirt design was modeled after the iconic Nirvana smiley-face logo, and drew significant attention at the event.

Dorsey has been a vocal supporter of bitcoin for years, having publicly expressed his belief that the cryptocurrency changes everything for the better. He has also been involved in launching Bitcoin Academy, offering a free educational course on bitcoin, in collaboration with Jay-Z who has been his longtime friend and business partner.

Furthermore, Dorsey’s public support for bitcoin has led to disputes with Vitalik Buterin, the cofounder of ethereum, over which cryptocurrency is superior. The extent of Dorsey’s belief in this digital currency was evident from his T-shirt choice at the Super Bowl, making a bold statement about his stance on the cryptocurrency.

The popularity of Dorsey’s “Satoshi” T-shirt is evident from its high demand on Etsy, with 15 carts already sold. However, it remains to be seen whether his personal style will influence others to follow suit and purchase this unique piece of clothing.

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