When will the government confront Stellantis?

Italy’s Automotive Industry: Stellantis and Social Partners at Odds in New Phase of Confrontation

The Italian government’s confrontation with Stellantis has entered a new phase, with the focus shifting to analyzing the production situation and workforce at the company’s individual factories in Italy. Stellantis has confirmed that it will produce five models in Melfi, but social partners are urging the government to move the discussion table to Palazzo Chigi for clarity on the future of the sector. Meanwhile, the government is still searching for a second producer interested in investing in Italy to achieve its goal of producing one million cars annually.

During a meeting at Mimit, representatives from Stellantis, the National Association of the Italian Automotive Supply Chain, and trade unions came together to discuss next steps. The first phase of discussions focused on activities in five working groups. Now, a second phase is opening up to analyze each factory individually.

The unions have diverse positions on this matter. Some are calling for a national negotiation table at Palazzo Chigi in order to reach a comprehensive agreement. They are pleased with Stellantis’ confirmation of production of five models in Melfi but are also pushing for hybrid models to be included to address market challenges. Protecting related workers like those in components, services, and logistics is also a key concern for them.

Meetings will continue with a focus on Mirafiori and Atessa plants in the coming days. The discussions aim to define commitments from Stellantis that ensure growth and stability in the Italian automotive industry.

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