Israeli Army’s Next Incursion in Rafah Confirmed by Netanyahu

Israel’s Decision to Enter Rafah: Criticism, Concerns and Calls for Peaceful Solutions

In a recent interview with American network ABC, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that military forces would be entering the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip to finish off the remaining battalions of Hamas. He stated that the civilian population of Rafah must leave the area, but did not provide details about their destination.

Netanyahu’s decision to enter Rafah has been met with fierce criticism from international leaders and human rights organizations, who have warned of the serious humanitarian impact that such an operation could have on the already vulnerable population. The United Nations estimates that half of Gaza’s inhabitants are crowded into Rafah and surrounding areas, and various organizations have urged Israel to reconsider its actions and find a peaceful solution instead.

Despite these warnings, Netanyahu has remained steadfast in his decision to enter Rafah, stating that it is necessary for their war effort against Hamas. Allies of Israel such as Germany have warned of the catastrophic tragedy that could occur in the city if Israeli forces enter, while countries related to the Palestinian cause such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan have called for an urgent meeting of the United Nations Security Council to discuss this future incursion.

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