Israel proposes new ceasefire, urges mediators to push Hamas for peace

Israel and Hamas in Dialogue: Israeli Delegation Completes Ceasefire Talks in Cairo as Netanyahu Urges Pressure on Hamas

The Israeli delegation sent to Cairo to negotiate a new ceasefire in the Gaza Strip has completed its meetings and will be returning to Israel, as confirmed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office. The office has urged mediators to pressure Hamas to accept the proposed ceasefire. Representatives from the Israeli Intelligence services and Army have been part of the negotiations, which were facilitated by Egyptian mediation. An updated proposal for Hamas has been presented during these talks.

Despite previous unsuccessful attempts at dialogue, Israeli authorities are hopeful for progress and are calling for “vigorous action”. The government is committed to making all necessary efforts to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas and their safe return to Israel.

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Overall, while efforts are being made in Cairo to achieve a lasting ceasefire agreement with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Israeli authorities remain hopeful for progress and continue working towards securing the release of hostages held by Hamas.

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