Investors House’s Results Impacted by Decrease in Real Estate Values

Investors House Reports Solid Net Income Despite Revenue Decrease in 2023

In 2023, Investors House released its financial statements for the October-December period. The company’s revenue for that time frame decreased from 2.1 million euros in the previous year to 1.8 million euros. However, despite this decrease, the net income of Investors House was still a respectable 0.55 million euros, down slightly from 0.65 million euros in the previous year.

The company’s performance during this time period was impacted by several factors, including a decrease in the values of fully owned properties and a goodwill write-down of a subsidiary. However, the positive change in the value of investment properties owned by associated companies helped to mitigate some of these negative impacts.

Despite these challenges, Investors House’s EPRA NRV (Net Asset Value per Share) remained strong at 5.76 euros at the end of 2023, down slightly from 6.23 euros at the end of 2022. The company also announced plans to pay out a dividend of 0.33 euros per share for 2024, an increase from the dividend paid out in 2023.

Managing director Petri Roininen expressed satisfaction with his company’s performance during this time period and highlighted several positive developments, including increased profitability and meaningful partnerships with customers. Real estate valuations were also impacted by various factors such as rising interest rates and yield requirements but improvements in occupancy rates and full rent increases helped to offset some of these negative impacts on property values.

Looking ahead to future results, Investors House anticipates that its revenue in 2024 will remain consistent with its revenue in

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