Girls celebrated the UN International Day with an enthusiastic focus on science

International Day of Women and Girls in Science: A Celebration of Science and Inspiration

Girls from all around the world gathered in Mexico to explore the wonders of science on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, established by the United Nations. The event took place at the Library of Mexico, where they carried out experiments and proposed solutions to challenges in order to inspire young girls interested in the world of science.

The activities, organized by the Adopt a Talent Program (Pauta), encouraged participants to put their imagination and scientific skills into action. They took part in workshops where they designed and made models in order to learn how to observe, generate hypotheses, and interpret data.

During an experiment designed to clean up an oil spill in a container of water, the girls used spoons, droppers, pipettes, and gauze. After analyzing their results, they concluded that gauze was the most effective tool for cleaning up the oil. However, one participant remained concerned about the issue of water contamination and later discussed it with her parents.

The program aims to promote scientific skills in young people and encourage them to pursue careers in science fairs. The group works in Mexico City but also offers workshops and activities at various locations every 15 days. One of its main challenges is combatting stereotypes that certain fields of study are only for men. Despite this challenge, female scientists shared their stories during closing activities with hopes to inspire future generations of women scientists.

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