Dipa Karmakar gears up for the World Gymnastics Championships in Cairo

Injured but Undeterred: Dipa Karmakar Prepares to Compete at World Gymnastics Championships Despite Leg Injury

Dipa Karmakar, a world-class gymnast and a Padma Shri recipient, is set to represent her country once again at the World Gymnastics Championships in Cairo from February 15th to 18th. Despite an injury to her right leg, Dipa remains determined to excel on the vaulting table, her only event at the upcoming championships.

Her coach, Vishveshwar Nandi, expressed his confidence in her abilities but also expressed concern about her injury. He said, “She has not fully recovered from the surgery on her right leg, but I have faith that she will bring honor to the country with her performance.” Dipa earlier shared her determination to bring success to her country and requested blessings and prayers from everyone.

After facing a setback in her career due to a doping controversy that led to a three-year suspension, Dipa worked diligently to clear her name and prove herself at the world championships. Her goal is to proudly represent India at the championships in Egypt. The Tripura State Gymnastics Association and fellow gymnasts have also extended their best wishes to Ms. Dipa. This Premium article is available exclusively to our subscribers.

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