Preserving Fiscal Goals in Program Implementation: Ensuring Measures Align with Agency Objectives

IMF Urges Sustainable Retirement Initiatives while Preserving Fiscal Goals in Argentina

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has expressed its hope for the approval of the Bases Law in the Senate, which was passed by Deputies on Thursday. However, the IMF also emphasized that any new retirement initiative must be sustainable while preserving fiscal goals. Communications Director Julie Kozack stated during a press conference in Washington that the executive board of the organization is still assessing the eighth revision of the program with Argentina. Once approved, it will result in a disbursement of US$ 800 million.

Kozack highlighted that Argentina has met its fiscal, monetary, and reserve accumulation targets but faces challenges ahead. To ensure sustainability and fairness while protecting vulnerable populations, she emphasized the need for fiscal measures and a monetary and exchange policy. The IMF also emphasizes micro-level reforms to promote formal employment and attract private investment.

Furthermore, Kozack acknowledged the delicate social situation in Argentina and urged increasing social assistance to support poor populations without disproportionately burdening working families. The IMF commended Argentina’s efforts to enhance social programs and governance but clarified that discussions are focused on the eighth review of the program rather than a new plan or financing at this stage.

In conclusion, Kozack reiterated that the IMF continues to engage with Argentina to support its economic stability and growth while emphasizing sustainable reforms.

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