Fans vote Classic Patriots as the best uniform in Boston sports history

Iconic ‘Pat Patriot’ Uniforms and Red Jerseys of 1985 Patriots Stand Out as Best Boston Sports Uniform in History

The iconic “Pat Patriot” helmets and red jerseys of the 1985 Patriots uniform were voted as the best in Boston sports history. Despite recent success, the classic New England professional football look emerged as the most popular choice among voters. In the final round, it defeated the “Bobby Orr Bruins Era” uniforms with a significant margin of 57-43.

The 1985 Patriots uniform had already defeated the No. 1 seed, the 2004 Red Sox, in a previous round with an overwhelmingly lopsided victory in the opening round. It also had a close matchup with its rival team, the New England Revolution, in a final vote that saw it emerge victorious by just two votes. Overall, despite being given a lower seed and facing tough competition, the 1985 Patriots uniform stood out as a clear favorite among voters in Boston sports history.

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