Rebranding Soft Ice Cream with Chocolate: Addressing Concerns of Racism

Ice Cream Brand ‘Eismohr’ Sparks Racism Debate, Calls for Ban on Term

The ice cream classic “Eismohr” has sparked a heated debate about racism. Left-wing politician Oliver Gebhardt (32) has called for an immediate ban on the term, arguing that it is “racist” and outdated. He made this statement after discovering the name on several stands at a leisure fair in Leipzig.

The term “Moor” was used as a derogatory term for black people during colonialism and is classified as “outdated” and “discriminatory” by the Duden. Despite this, some places still use it out of tradition, like the controversial “Mohrenkopf” (chocolate kiss) or the “Mohr im Shirt” (Austrian cake with cream). Gebhardt finds it incomprehensible why anyone today still uses terms that allude to people’s skin color and have long been perceived as discriminatory.

The organizers of the trade fair were unaware that the “Ice Ear” was being advertised at at least two stands. Christina Siebenhüner, spokeswoman for the Leipziger Messe, explained that they cannot check every advertising sign but are grateful for information in order to prevent violations of their humanistic worldview. The Leipzig Trade Fair takes any form of rejecting racism or exclusion of minorities seriously. Immediately after BILD’s request, consequences were drawn: “As soon as we became aware of it, we immediately contacted the external exhibitor, checked the situation and removed the wording that could be viewed as critical with immediate effect,” assures Siebenhüner.

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