Mistake Often Made on Résumés According to a Former Amazon Recruiter

How to Quantify Your Resume: Insights from Successful Recruiters and Hiring Managers

A common mistake made by job candidates when writing their resumes is using vague statements. According to Lindsay Mustain, a former Amazon recruiter, these statements are similar to “Miss America answers” that don’t highlight specific achievements. Mustain notes that this mistake occurs among professionals at all levels, including C-suite execs. To make resumes more effective and appealing to recruiters and hiring managers, Mustain recommends quantifying accomplishments by including numbers and metrics that highlight the impact and contributions of the candidate to the company.

Eugene Hayden, who has worked at companies like Google, KPMG, and the Boston Consulting Group, has reviewed hundreds of resumes and found that the most common mistake was a lack of quantifiable achievements. Hayden notes that hiring managers and recruiters are looking for candidates who can achieve goals and evaluate their personal impact on the company. The best resumes, Hayden suggests, show how a candidate is perfectly qualified for the job they’re applying for. By including quantifiable achievements, candidates can provide evidence of their value and skills to the company, making their resume more appealing to recruiters and hiring managers.

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