U19 World Cup 2024 Final: Raj Limbani Claims Third Wicket, Anderson Out for Australia with Score at 235/7 | Live Cricket Updates from India vs Australia

How the India U-19 Team Defies their ODI World Cup Loss to Australia in the World Cup: An Insight from Their Captain

As the India U-19 team prepared for their final match against Australia in the World Cup, their captain Uday Saharan spoke to his team in a huddle at Willowmoore Park in Benoni. With the memory of their ODI World Cup loss to Australia fresh in their minds, Saharan emphasized the importance of not losing to Australia again.

The WhatsApp group of the current India U-19 team was formed shortly after the heartbreaking loss to Australia in the ODI World Cup final. The focus of the group was on Australia’s dominance in big tournaments, including the World Test Championship and the ODI World Cup. The significance of beating Australia was not lost on the players, and Saharan made it clear to the team that they could not afford to lose to them again.

Sachin Dhas, who played a starring role in the U19 semifinals with 96 runs against the best pace attack of the tournament, reflected on the influence of Australia’s dominance on their team. His father, Sanjay Dhas, emphasized the importance of defeating Australia in

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