Homeless encampments surrounding iconic recording studio Sunset Sound impact business

Hollywood’s Iconic Sunset Sound Struggles with Homelessness: Studio on Brink of Bankruptcy after Burglary and Fire

The iconic recording studio, Sunset Sound, located in Hollywood, has been dealing with ongoing issues related to the surrounding homeless community. This past Sunday, the studio experienced a burglary which has added to their troubles. The studio’s president, Paul Camarata, expressed his frustration with the situation stating that the homeless problem could potentially put them out of business.

With 64 years of producing iconic records under its belt, Sunset Sound has a rich history. However, recent incidents have caused recording artists to be reluctant to work with the studio. An incident involving Taylor Swift, who was accosted while visiting a nearby 7-Eleven, led her to vow never to return to Sunset Sound. This has had serious repercussions for the studio’s business.

In addition to the burglary, the building has been set on fire twice in the last year. The visible impact of the homeless problem is evident according to Drew Dempsey, the marketing producer at Sunset Sound. He described how needles are laid out in plain sight and people use the bathroom anywhere.

Studio manager Josh Lawrence noted that the situation has deeply upset long-time clients who have been coming to the studio for decades. With roughly 3,000 people experiencing homelessness in the district and only 400 shelter beds, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for Sunset Sound.

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