Local News: Hamilton County Health Department Unveils 2024 Health Assessment.

Hamilton County Takes a Comprehensive Look at its Health with New Community Assessment Report

Recently, the Hamilton County Health Department released its 2024 Picture of Our Health Community Health Assessment. This report is published every 4-5 years and focuses on eight key factors that affect the overall health of Hamilton County residents. These include access to healthcare and coverage, environmental health, chronic diseases, infectious diseases, mental health, injuries, substance abuse, and vulnerable populations.

The assessment provides a comprehensive analysis of the health status of Hamilton County residents. In the next few years, the Health Department and Regional Health Council will collaborate to develop strategies aimed at improving community health and well-being. They will identify health priorities and involve community members in addressing these issues. Dr. Dawn Ford, Manager of the Epidemiology Department at the Health Department believes that this 175-page assessment will help them devise ways to reduce the prevalence of these diseases.

Dr. Ford’s goal is to motivate behavioral changes among residents by encouraging physical activity, adopting healthier eating habits, and quitting smoking. Additionally, the Health Department’s Epidemiology Department plans to release further informational materials expanding on the topics covered in A Picture of Our Health. A data dashboard will also be developed and published to provide up-to-date and accurate local health information for residents to access.

Overall, this report serves as a valuable resource for identifying areas where improvements can be made in order to promote better overall health within Hamilton County. By working together with community members and utilizing informative materials like A Picture of Our Health Community Health Assessment and data dashboards, we can take steps towards making positive changes in our communities’ well-being for future generations.

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