Europe in Focus as Greiner Faces Decrease in Demand

Greiner Thrives in Europe and Austria: CEO Discusses Dedication, Sustainability, and Growth in the Face of Declining Investments

Greiner, an Upper Austrian plastics and foam company, is defying the trend of declining investments in Europe and Austria. Despite concerns about deindustrialization, Greiner remains committed to these regions, with a majority of its investments flowing into European locations, including 56 million euros in Austria in the past year.

The CEO of Greiner, Saori Dubourg, emphasized the company’s dedication to remaining anchored in Europe. She highlighted the favorable conditions in Austria for developing new technologies and products. While Greiner faced a difficult year with a 9.1 percent decrease in sales, Dubourg is optimistic about the future, pointing to signs of recovery in the packaging sector for the current financial year.

Sustainability and circular economy are key priorities for Greiner. The company has recently invested in a Serbian recycling company and aims to achieve the EU’s recycling goals. It is actively engaging with suppliers to meet the requirements of the Supply Chain Act while facing challenges like workforce shortages. To address these challenges, Greiner is investing in employee training and development with a goal of increasing the proportion of women in management positions to 40 percent by 2030.

Despite its growth plans, Greiner’s workforce increased by only 9.3 percent last year with only a slight increase in employees in Austria. Currently there are 190 vacant positions worldwide with 60 openings in Austria alone. However, Dubourg views these challenges as opportunities for growth and sustainability and sees the European Green Deal as an opportunity to intensify the economy and create new markets for her company.

In summary, despite recent studies showing poor mood among companies and declining investments in Europa and Austria, companies like Greiner are proving that it is still possible to thrive amidst challenges by focusing on sustainability and growth while committing to staying anchored

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