The Knesset Approves: Warning Images of Smoking Damage to be Printed on Tobacco Products and Cigarettes

Government Increases Purchase Tax on Smoking Products in Israel to Promote Healthier Habits

The finance minister has recently signed a decree to increase the purchase tax on smoking products, resulting in an increase in prices for items such as cigarettes, electronic cigarette filler, and rolling tobacco. This decision was made after a controversial discussion in the Knesset on a non-smoking day, which emphasized the importance of prevention. It was noted that a person’s illness can impact not only themselves but also their environment, family, and friends, highlighting the social and educational message behind the bill.

The increase in purchase tax also affected unprocessed tobacco, vaping tobacco, and tobacco heating devices, signaling a broader effort to discourage smoking in the country. This move aims to address the impact of smoking on individuals and society as a whole, emphasizing the need to prioritize health and well-being. By implementing these measures, the government hopes to promote healthier habits and create a more supportive environment for all members of the community.

The finance minister’s decree is part of a larger initiative to reduce smoking rates in Israel. The government has been working to implement various measures aimed at discouraging smoking habits and promoting healthy lifestyles. These measures include restrictions on advertising tobacco products and increasing taxes on cigarettes.

In addition to these efforts, the government has also launched public education campaigns aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of smoking and promoting healthy living. These campaigns have been successful in reducing smoking rates among young people in particular.

Despite these efforts, there are still many smokers who continue to smoke despite its harmful effects on their health and those around them. The government is committed to continuing its efforts to reduce smoking rates and promote healthier lifestyles for all members of society.

Overall, the finance minister’s decree is an important step towards creating a healthier nation where everyone has access to support resources for healthy living. With continued effort from both individuals and governments alike, we can work towards creating a world where everyone lives longer, healthier lives free from harmful behaviors like smoking.

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