London Health Workers Urge Immediate Gaza Ceasefire, Bearing Small Coffins

Global Health Workers Unite for Peaceful Protest Against Gaza Conflict

In front of the government headquarters in Downing Street, hundreds of health workers peacefully gathered to protest and call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. The protest, organized by Health Workers for Palestine, began at Westminster Bridge and concluded with a speech in front of Downing Street. Many of the British health workers were in uniform and carried small coffins with the names of murdered children written on them. They shouted “cease fire now” and “we believe we will win” while holding up Palestinian flags and banners reading “Stop Israel’s Genocide in Gaza”.

The protest was not just limited to London, as similar silent processions were held at the same time in other cities across the world, including Toronto, Kuala Lumpur, San Diego, Johannesburg, Paris, Calcutta, Belfast and Dublin. The health workers were not alone in this protest, as people all across the world have started to come forward and support. This form of silent protest has helped raise awareness and draw additional support for the conflict, with many cities joining in on the procession action.

International support was also evident at the event as cities from all over the world came together to show solidarity with the health workers. Toronto, Kuala Lumpur, San Diego and others all joined in on the peaceful protest. The event was a powerful reminder that no matter where you are in the world, people are coming together to stand against injustice. It is inspiring to see how communities can come together to make a difference and bring attention to important issues like this one.

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